Emmet works as an independent truck driver, hauling and smuggling goods across the dystopian lands for cash. Emmet boasts a long brown beard and many tattoos, one including the Imperial Insignia from Star Wars. His truck, Bamboozle is a green diesel engine COE (Cab Over Engine) truck. He enjoys playing the five finger fillet knife game.

Emmet used to pick up Mink meat from Uncle Pete's Mink Ranch for a bargain and sell it to school lunch programs, until the ranch shut down operation due to Uncle Pete's death.

After Malcolm Corley's murder he was stranded in the Kickstand due to a roadblock along Highway 9. He is seen playing the knife game on a bar table. Ben Throttle gave him a fake federal investigator ID that he received from Miarnda so that he could fool the roadblock authorities into believing that he was an undercover investigator disguised as a trucker, so that he could drive himself along with Ben and his bike to the Uncle Pete's Mink Farm.

After an all night drive to the ranch, Emmet had a fuel leak in the night and had began to patch it up. He stole the fuel line from Ben's bike and left. Ben did not notice until after Emmet had pulled out onto Highway 9, but he was able to repair it with a spare hose he found in Maureen Corley's room in the Uncle Pete's Mink Ranch farm house.

Emmet cab inside

Inside Emmet's truck

As Ben chased after Maureen, Emmet sideswiped Ben's bike. Ben noticed that both he and Emmet had entered Cavefish territory. The Cavefish had no interest in Ben as his bike had no cargo, but instead went after Emmet's load of concentrated fertilizer powder. Emmet released his trailer, ramming into one the the Cavefish, but it was too late for Emmet. The truck had a stickybomb stuck onto the rear by a second Cavefish. As Emmet crossed the Poyahoga Gorge Bridge, his truck exploded, killing him, demolishing his truck and blowing out the bridge.

Emmet's truck is the same make and model as the one used by Adrian Ripburger. The truck used by Ripburger may have been Corley Motors produced, meaning that Emmet ironically drove a Corley truck despite not supporting the idea of Motorcycles.

Behind the scenesEdit

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