"You know I've never liked you, Rip. But you have business 'know how' and killer instincts that I respect".
-Malcolm arguing with Adrian Ripburger.

Malcolm Corley was a character that acts as a startup to the game's storyline. He's an old man and has a medium, middle-parted white haircut. He's Corley Motors and Corville's inaugurator and owner, former biker and Maureen Corley's father. He's voiced by late Hamilton Camp.


Malcolm and Adrian

Malcolm arguing with Adrian

Corley first appears in his limo arguing with Adrian Ripburger about whether or not biker gangs should be invited for the annual Corley Motors Shareholders Meeting. Shortly after that, Ben rides over the car and rides away to the Kickstand.

Ben and Malcolm

Malcolm talking to Ben about his past

A few minutes after the Polecats arrive, Malcolm bursts in after leaving Ripburger waiting inside the limo and asks abruptly who rode over his car. After several minutes talking with Ben about his past as a biker, he's left at the bar with the other Polecats as Rip talks to their leader about their participation in the Shareholders Meeting.

Malcolm and Darrel

Malcolm talking to Darrel

After Ben is knocked out and left inside a dumpster, he can be seen talking to Darrel, saying he won't leave the presidential cargo to Ripburger, supposedly intending to fire him later on. Rip warns everyone that Ben is scouting out the route to Corville and Corley leaves with the bikers.

While talking to Maureen, he is indirectly mentioned, while she speaks about the Hardtail they built together.


Adrian is about to kill Malcolm

He is later seen in the pit stop, right after leaving the restroom, where he is murdered by Ripburger, because he knew that Malcolm's will, will put him out of a job and he did not want to wait for natural causes. Malcolm knew Ripburger will sell the company to foreigners, lay off workers and build minivans.

Malcolm dying words

Malcilm dying words to Ben

Before Ripburger can finish him off with a last blow from his crane, Ben finds him in time. A Dying Malcolm ask Ben, to hurt Ripburger real bad and to find his daughter Maureen to take over the company, which Ben promise to do.

Malcolm's funeral

Malcolm's funeral

Malcolm's funeral was atended by Ben, Maureen, Darrel, Suzi, Razor, Michael and Father Torque who had held a eulogy.


Hamilton Camp also voiced Father Torque and Mavis guard.


Malcolm concept

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