Poyahoga explode

Poyahoga Gorge's bridge on Highway 9 exploding

The Poyahoga Gorge is located along Highway 9. The Gorge separates Corville in the east from other locations such as Melonweed or the Kickstand in the far west. The Highway 44 also crosses the Gorge somewhere far in the south, leading to Corville.

Several Stuntmen attempted to cross over the gorge using methods such as rope walking, being shot out of a cannon and hang-gliding. Professor Schmetterling also attempted to cross the Gorge. Of all of those who tried and failed, only Ricky Myran was able to cross, using a modified Corley Motorcycle. Eventually a bridge was constructed to help aid getting across the desert, but now is hardly used due to Highway 9 being abandoned for the more common Hover Pads.

After Ben and Maureen Corley exposed Malcolm Corley's murder by Adrian Ripburger, the two drove away after Ripburger along Highway 9, when he showed up behind themm and smashed them with his semi. Just then the Vultures managed to make the "Big Mouth" along and swallow Ripburger's semi. They ended up hanging from the destroyed Gorge bridge. All managed to escape, before the plane fell into the gorge, along with Ripburger.

Behind the scenesEdit

Poyahoga is a fictional location, but the name seems to be modelled after the real-life Cuyahoga River. Cuyahoga is an Iroquoian name meaning "Crooked river". Presumably the element -hoga means either "crooked" or "river". The element poya- can not be said if it's fictional or if it is an actual Iroquoian word.

As the Iroquois flourished around eastern North America, one can suppose that Poyahoga is located there.