Todd Newlan lives in Melonweed in his trailer shack. He owns Todd's Junkyard which is guarded by his dog. He stole Maureen Corley's welding torch in order to create strange metal sculptures out of machine parts.

Todd was visited by Ben Throttle when he knocked on his trailer door. Ben was searching for information on who has stolen Maureen welding torch, but he was interrupted by Todd saying that he didn't steal Mo's torch. As he looked through the peep-hole, Ben kicked down the door of his shack and knocked him unconscious in order to search for the welding torch and loot his shack.

Ben finds a Lockpick, Meat and Mo's welding torch.


  • Todd is voiced by Mark Hamill who also voiced Emmet and Adrian Ripburger.
  • Todd is the only character voiced by Mark Hamill who has met Ben and survive the encounter. The other two characters Emmet and Adrian Ripburger met their end on the same location. Emmet dies in an explosion and Adrian Ripburger falls to his death.