The Vultures are a motorcycle gang. The known members of the gang are: Suzi, Maureen, Michael, Razor, Sid and Wendy.


The Vultures are not as nice as the Polecats but not as mean (or dumb or weird) as the Rottwheelers or the Cavefish. They have access to military surplus and are said to love elaborate strategy, assets that gained them respect even from the Polecats.

After Ricky Myran's intense publicity, there was increasing demand for regulation of booster technology. Vultures had foreeen the regulation limitations and and hoarded pre-regulation boosters. As such they are the only gang that have access to Pre-regulation Destroyer Class Solid-fuel Recoil Boosters.

Their headquarters are inside a wingless C330 "Big Mouth" Industrial Cargo Jumbo Transport plane, parked along Highway 44, in a field near or outside Corville, protected by mines laid around the field. They use a Vulture Corley modified by Suzi and Mo in order to gain full advantage of the booster.

Role in the gameEdit

Ben Throttle encountered several members of the Vultures and fought with them.

While being accused for the murder of Malcolm Corley, explored the Vultures territory only to be captured and tortured, as Maureen was also there and wanted revenge for her father's death. That was until Ben managed to prove that the actual murderer was Adrian Ripburger.

The Vultures devised a plan to assist Maureen claim the heritage to the Corley Motors and for this they needed the vintage Corley Hardtail, which was given as the first prize for the Corley Motors Smash-A-Torium Amateur Driver Ultimate Destruction Maximum Carnage Marathon Destruction Derby.

During the operation, they would fake Ben and Mo's death, making Ripburger feel safe during the shareholder's meeting. Vultures successfully stole the hardtail from the Smash-A-Torium, which had somewhere hidden the passcode to Corley's Floor Safe, containing his will.

After Ben and Mo started to hunt down Ripburger, the Vultures managed to make the Big Mouth taxi along the Highway 9 and swallow Ripburger's semi. They ended up hanging from the destroyed Poyahoga Gorge bridge. The Vultures managed to escape, before the plane fell into the gorge. Afterwards, they were seen alongside the Polecats attending Corley's funeral.


The names of several gang members are not mentioned in the game, but are revealed in production material such as credits and the Hint Book. They are derived from Maniac Mansion characters, except Dave, Bernard and Jeff. Suzi and Mo are original names.